Acts29 Retreat (Feeding the 5000) Photos (2014)

Pres+Ivy managed to click a few photos during the retreat.  Nice to share stories with wonderful people!

photo 13 photo 14


photo 12  photo 5
Pres+Ivy with Sherlyn, Iggi, Moses, Sylvester, Celesther, Ramz, Ligna, Marian, Daniel, Maureen, and Eva


photo 2  photo 3
Sherlyn briefing us before we do the Cosmic Walk

photo 10 

Pres+Ivy with Fr David Garcia


We did the Cosmic Walk under this magical moonlight!


photo 11  photo 1
Sharing our fave parables in the bible with the group and playing Musical Chair


photo 20
Last group photo before heading off – we missed you Daniel, Maureen, and Ramz!


photo 15
The Madonna, the photo bomber (kidding!)!  Seriously, this is our favourite shot!


LIVE. If you live, God will live with you.  If you refuse to run his risks, He’ll retreat to that distant heaven and be merely a subject for philosophical speculation.”  – Paulo Coelho




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