Woodlands Care Home SG Botanic Gardens Outing (15 Dec 2018)

Last year, we took the residents of Pearl’s Hill Care Home to Botanic Gardens. This time, it’s the good folks of Woodlands Care Home. Hoping to see the sun come out Saturday morning! Many thanks to all volunteers and we will see you all tomorrow!


Tahun lepas, kami telah membawa penghuni dari Pearl’s Hill Care Home ke Taman Botani. Sekarang, tibalah masanya untuk penghuni dari Woodlands Care Home. Harap-harap cuaca Sabtu pagi nanti cerah. Dengan ini, saya ingin ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua sukarelawan yang sudi meluangkan masa untuk program ini. Jumpa kamu semua esok.

Part 5: Stop and Smell the Flowers Outing with Pearl’s Hill Care Home Senior Folks

The buses returned to Botanic Gardens to pick us all up – time to go back to the nursing home for their lunch as most our residents are on special diet.  We hope everybody had a great time!  Thank you very much, Botanic Gardens for this wonderful outing – we will visit you again soon!


Everybody LOVED this quick tour by the waterfalls!




Volunteering is at the very core of human being.  No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.” – Heather French Henry

Part 2: Stop and Smell the Flowers Outing with Pearl’s Hill Care Home Senior Folks

The buses we leased could only take in so much seated volunteers so most of them headed straight to Botanic Gardens.




One of the nursing home staff delivered the briefing.




It started to pour for a good five minutes then we had our sunshine!  Thank God!

A friend who has earlier joined our previous charity event in May 2017 happens to be a gym instructor and she asked me if she could lead the morning exercise for our dear senior residents.  The day of our outing, she showed up with a few more friends who helped out with wheeling and attending to our folks!  Thank you so very much!

We lined up by the Palm Valley for our morning exercise.  JJ took the lead.











Age should never be an obstacle to exercise!