Update 5: Kohen Building is our Acts29 September Family Event Venue! (2014)

Our Acts29 Manila Team managed to get us an indoor venue for our Family Event on September 27 – so rain or shine, we are ON! It’s near Manila Hills as well but more secure, which is a good thing since we are after the safety of our Acts29 Families and our volunteers.

It’s at Kohen Building located at Blk 3 Phase I-A San Jose Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines.  We have booked level 3!  One less thing to worry about!  Here are some photos of the venue:

Kohen 1
Façade of the building

Kohen 5
Building entrance

Kohen 2
Staircase to level 3

Kohen 4
Level 3 floor area

Al S went there last weekend (thanks, Al S!) to see the place and check for possible routes for our Families and volunteers to take.

Now that venue is finally crossed off from our list, next thing is band equipment and sound systems.  Al S mentioned he’s checking with a friend if he can lend us so we won’t have to rent.

ASIDE:  Anel A and JP R, both very good friends from college and law school are joining us and have promised (hahaha!) to bring their acoustic guitars and do a number or two (JP R said “kahit sampu pa!”) for the event!  Thanks very much!  In fact, I even tried to twist their arms a bit (hahaha!) and asked if they could reconnect with their old bandmates and perform at the event, with the caveat that they’ll only be getting a Jollibee lunch for TF!

Jollibee Lunch
Thanks, Sherlyn K for this photo!

We’re sincerely hoping we can pull some help from our friends so we won’t have to spend so much for these things and we can get more school supplies for our scholars – that’s our goal!  We’re hoping for the best!  God will provide, as my Mom would always say!  We will continue knocking on all our dear friends’ hearts, mababait yang silang lahat!

God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.” – JG Holland