Visit to Emmaus Home for the Aged Bulacan Philippines (8 June 2018)

Emmaus Home of the Aged was established in 1984 by a Catholic priest in Malolos Bulacan Philippies aimed to provide a shelter for the poor, the elderly, and the sick.

Emmaus 10

The home has since thrived as a centre of love and compassion for and by the community.  Current headcount is 78 residents and 15 volunteer caregivers.

Mom celebrated her birthday with the residents of Emmaus Home, spending an entire morning exchanging stories about their families they so terribly miss.  We brought them boxes of coffee, milk, tea, crackers, biscuits, soap bars, shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, and toothbrushes.

Emmaus 20

Thank you, Nico and Ninang Aling for these huge birthday cakes for Mommy!

Emmaus 21Emmaus 22

Thank you very much, Jerome for coming with us to this charity event to give haircuts to our dear lolos and lolas at Emmaus Home!  You never fail to support our charity events!

Emmaus 17Emmaus 16Emmaus 15Emmaus 24Emmaus 18

Some residents could move around on wheelchairs.  There are also those who are tied to their beds due to old age and sickness.

Emmaus 5

Photo by Sambuhay TV Mass

Emmaus 12

Photo by Sambuhay TV Mass

Emmaus 6

Photo by Sambuhay TV Mass

Emmaus 14

Photo by Sambuhay TV Mass

Emmaus 9

Photo by Sambuhay TV Mass

A little chapel inside the home serves as a nice place for the residents’ daily prayers and a spot for them to gather around and chat with each other.

Emmaus 4

Photo by Sambuhay TV Mass

Emmaus 3

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Emmaus 2

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Emmaus 1

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Emmaus 7

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Emmaus 8

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Emmaus 13

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Emmaus 11

Photo by Sambuhay TV Mass

Happiest birthday po, Mommy!  Am glad we could celebrate this special day with the residents of Emmaus Home!

Emmaus 23Emmaus 19


A mother may be quiet but she’s a warrior and her prayers can move mountains 🙂






Pearls Hill Care Home Visit (26 May 2018)

It was a Saturday well spent with our dearest residents of Pearls Hill Care home, thanks to the generosity of Horsburgh Lodge No. 7533!


Jack Tan and friends performed inside the wards so those residents who are unable to wheel themselves out of the wards, could enjoy Jack Tan’s music.  Thank you all so much!


Yeo Eng Hua has been our regular volunteer haircutter  for our charity events in nursing homes across Singapore.  Thank you very much for your dedication!


Jack’s story has moved us so we grabbed that very first opportunity to have him perform for the residents of Pearls Hill Care Home.   A million thanks to you!


Our dear residents enjoyed Jack’s music very much because he played old Chinese songs that our residents easily recognised!

JACK TANPHCH 4Kar Lock Lee has been joining our charity events for Pearls Hill Care Home by performing for our dear residents.  Thank you so much for your untiring support!


Many thanks everyone for your wonderful efforts to bring love and joy to our dear residents of Pearls Hill Care Home!  Till our next charity event!

Here’s the link to know more about Jack:


Music has healing power.  It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” – Elton John




Street to Stage are traditional Gandharba musicians.  They hail from the villages badly affected by the 2015 earthquake that hit Nepal.

The villages of Gorkha, Lanjung, and Tanahun are about 150 kilometers away from Kathmandu and were at the epicentre of the earthquake.  Through their traditional music, they are trying to raise money from the sale of their CDs to help rebuild houses and schools, supply blankets to people still living in tents, and provide educational materials and training.


From 6pm til 10pm, they play at Hotel Manang.  Many thanks for the CD!  But daytime, they walk the streets of Thamel Kathmandu to play their music.  Happy to have bumped into them one morning!



Search for contentment in each person you meet.”  ― Steve Maraboli