Part 1: Stop and Smell the Flowers Outing with Pearl’s Hill Care Home Senior Folks

Singapore is home to gorgeous parks and gardens and we have been meaning to take our senior friends from Pearl’s Hill Care Home to a few of these places so they could go out and get some fresh air.


We started writing to National Parks for permit to visit and they were so nice to let us see the Learning Forest and the Palm Valley.  They were even very generous to have given us free admission to the National Orchid Garden!  Thank you very much!





The home staff helped us book special buses for this outing to the Botanic Gardens because for their safety, our senior folks would be on wheelchairs for the duration of the park visit, including their bus rides from the nursing home to Botanic Gardens and back.



This is how the inside of the special bus looks like.  Our senior folks are securely fastened to their respective spots inside the bus.

It is a wonderful thing that the people who have come before us have done so many things for us and many people today – our families, our friends, those we meet in the subway – contribute to the details of our lives.  The practice of appreciation is as they say, the most powerful way to increase one’s enjoyment of life.  We just need to look around at how beautiful this world is.

To stop and smell the roses may just be an expression for some, but to many like Pres and I, it is a good advice to find satisfaction in life.  One study suggests that appreciating the meaningful people and things in our lives play a huge role in our overall happiness.

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