Visit to Woodlands Care Home (15 Dec 2018)

Pres and I were well aware that many of the residents would not be able to join the Botanic Garden outing in the morning so we invited Mr Jack Tan to perform for the residents of Woodlands Care Home in the afternoon. Many thanks to our volunteer dancers who entertained and spent time with our dear folks at the home!

Visit to Society for the Aged Sick (Hougang) (21 Oct 2018)

Many thanks to the good folks and staff of the Society for the Aged Sick (Hougang Avenue 1) for the very warm welcome! We will visit you again soon!

Special thanks to Jack Tan for his beautiful music, as always! The elderly love your music dearly! The smiles on their faces are truly priceless!

Pres and I are very lucky to be part of a small group of volunteers who spends time and entertains the elderly in nursing homes we get to visit.