Update 5: Bringing LOVE to Mr Tong and the Kids at the Orphanage (5-8 October 2016)

Vietnam once ranked as having the highest abortion rate in the world.  Mr Tong does not only take in unwanted children, he also provides food and shelter to unwed pregnant mothers disowned by their families.

After delivery, the mothers can leave their babies with Mr Tong.  They can always come back for their children once they are able and ready to raise them.

A short walk from the orphanage, we visited 5 young mothers and their infants who are currently under Mr Tong’s care.  One baby girl (not in the photo) is born premature.  It’s been 3 weeks and the mother has not yet registered the baby for lack of money to do so.


Mr Tong’s niece was explaining to us how important it is in Vietnam for the child to have a name and be registered so Pres and I decided to give the unwed mothers some money so they could register their babies.

A month after, when we checked with Mr Tong, he informed us that the babies remain to be unnamed and unregistered.  Sadly, the unwed mothers did a runner with the money intended for their babies’ registration and had left their infants under Mr Tong’s care.


I certainly supported a woman’s right to choose, but to my mind the time to choose was before, not after the fact. – Ann B. Ross

Update 4: Bringing LOVE to Mr Tong and the Kids at the Orphanage (5-8 October 2016)

Pres and I are as excited as the kids (if not more!) when we hand them their gift bags!




Our young ladies try on their summer dresses and could not take their eyes off of their new digital watches!






Our girls trying on their new dresses!


Our little gentlemen are not too crazy about the toy cars but are clearly enjoying their Hawaiian luau print shirts and short pants; we don’t get to see these designs everyday!


Our boys checking out their gift bags!


Kids are amazed with their new watches!


With Mr Tong and his wife


Happy to know we manage to get their sizes right!



We miss you already, Emily!


This young lady said THANK YOU like a thousand times!


This boy has his wiper glasses on the entire night!



Emily loves her new dress very much!



Our little girl in her luau dress and Happy Birthday glasses!


They all look soooooooo cute in their new luau outfits!

The moment they have their new summer clothes on, our kids start to assemble themselves in the middle of the room ala flashmob and the music starts to play!  This somehow brings out the little kids in us and suddenly Pres and I find ourselves dancing along!  The kids are so energetic; they are dancing and singing at the same time!  Meantime, Pres and I are busy catching our breath!




We pose for group photos with everybody donning their new summer dresses and shirts!



Before saying our goodbyes for the night, Mr Tong leads our evening prayers before the kids tuck themselves in.


Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.” ― Thomas Goodwin

Update 3: Bringing LOVE to Mr Tong and the Kids at the Orphanage (5-8 October 2016)

These are the school kits we brought our kids!  They are all excited to see their gifts!  Mr Tong’s nephew Tam and niece Tram are both very kind enough to help us source the school supplies from a bookstore nearby and to give us pointers on what notebooks and pens to get for the kids.  Mr Tong is very proud of our kids.  They are all doing very well in school, he told us!


The girls get all these goodies!  The rag dolls are a very nice addition and they perfectly match the luau dresses we got them!


Each of the boys have their tropical print Hawaiian shirts and shorts plus a pair of dark colour pants they can wear to church; we also included toy cars!



“We spend the first year of a child’s life teaching it to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There’s something wrong there.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson