Part 2: Mr Dick Lee Celebrates Christmas with Woodlands Care Home Residents (8 December 2017)

We had no idea it would be that exciting to meet and spend the day with Singapore icon Mr Dick Lee!  He was very warm and friendly to the staff, the volunteers, and most especially to our senior residents!

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Mr Lee mentioned that this was the first time he had guested a charity event for a nursing home.  Equally thrilled were the residents and staff of Woodlands Care Home because this was the very first big event they had and the first time that a celebrity had visited this home!

DL DSC_0079DL DSC_0083DL DSC_0085DL IMG_6516

Ms BS volunteered to emcee for the event.  She’s a huge fan of Mr Dick Lee!  We made sure we took lots and lots of photos of her with Mr Lee during the event!  Thank you so very much, Ms BS!  You did really great!

DL IMG_6511

Our senior residents and the staff of the nursing home came in prepared with their glittery Christmas hats and noise makers!

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When he was a young boy, Mr Lee said, he’d listen to his Mom’s records and that his Mom was very fond of this Chinese singer Ms Rebecca Pang, who originally sang the song Wo Wo Ni Ni.  Mr Lee popularised this song in 1989.  Apparently, this song taught him his first Mandarin words!

DL DSC_0119DL DSC_0124DL DSC_0131DL DSC_0133DL DSC_0109DL DSC_0106DL DSC_0097DL DSC_0096


When there are troubles to go through, we’ll find a way to start anew.  There is comfort in the knowledge that home’s about its people too.  So we’ll build our dreams together, just like we’ve done before; just like the river which brings us life, there’ll always be Singapore.”  – Dick Lee

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