Aozora Project in Tokyo (November 2017)

We were very fortunate to have been part of a group of volunteers that spent some time with children with disabilities (not physical) such as autism, Down syndrome, ADD/ADHD, LD, and Prader-Willi syndrome from a special school in Adachi-ku Tokyo last 15 November 2017.

Meeting Place was at Chiyoda Line Ayase Station (west exit) and we all took the bus together and reached the school after 30 minutes.


S and M are learning their colours and shapes.  S noticeably prefers all shades of green and her favourite is emerald!


Volunteer C was flashing a green heart and the kids were supposed to find and colour this shape in their activity paper


K is such a very sweet boy; he listened to Pres on what crayons to use and what shapes to colour!


This is K’s gingerbread man!  He said his gingerbread man looks like him, particularly the eyebrows and the nose!  So cute!  Do you see the shirt buttons?  His attention to details is really sharp!


The kids love to play BINGO and they’re very good at identifying shapes and colours!



K won in our BINGO game!  The kids were very excited because they got to choose their prizes!



While we’re on a quick break, S showed me her princess drawings, so beautiful!  She colours them and keeps them all in a nice folder in her bag, which she carries everywhere she goes.  She told me this drawing looks like me except that my hair is not blue and is not long enough!



Pres was teaching K how to gesture a beating heart!  He said he has a big heart and a big stomach, too!


My dear S also won in our BINGO game and she chose as her prize a notebook with floral cover.  Our young lady has got good taste 🙂


Our gingerbread princesses are twins!  She specifically asked me to place crystal hearts in our gingerbread to make them nice, caring, and loving princesses.  See the green lips?  She said she likes her gingerbread princess to wear emerald lipstick!


Pres enjoyed playing BINGO with the kids!


Our dear M was getting impatient until our yellow triangle was finally called out!  She chose a gray diecast car, same colour as her Dad’s car!


23722405_1867007849995026_8461213595741184115_n (1)

S was asking why my name only has 3 letters – IVY!  That was why she kept looking at my name tag!  She is very observant!


Yey, S won in our BINGO game!



The volunteers equally enjoyed designing their own gingerbreads!


M loves her shapes and colours and her favourite is yellow half moon!



With the rest of the volunteers plus my gingerbread princess!


Japanese word 青空 (Aozora) means “blue sky.”

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