Part 3: Stop and Smell the Flowers Outing with Pearl’s Hill Care Home Senior Folks

We probably have no idea what magic connecting to nature does for our well-being.

People who are more connected with nature are happier, feel more vital, and have more meaning in their lives.  Even in small doses, nature is a potent elixir.  When their hospital room had flowers and foliage, post-surgery patients needed less painkillers and reported less fatigue.  And merely looking at pictures of nature does speed up mental restoration and improves cognitive functioning,” said Selin Kesebir and Pelin Kesebir.


As the Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the most visited and the most beloved public parks in the country, we decided to take our folks from Pearl’s Hill Care Home to an outing there!

Their buses arrived just right on time when it was done drizzling and the sun was up!


Three groups of volunteers wheeled our residents to the National Orchid Garden.  Our old folks remember having frequented the Botanic Gardens in their younger days but they were all in awe upon seeing how gorgeous it now has become!

CEO photo 1CEO photo 2DSC_0209DSC_0210DSC028650DSC028860DSC_01820DSC_01950DSC_01880DSC_02210DSC_86300DSC_86290DSC_86370DSC_86320DSC_86310


Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates

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