Afternoon Chat with Pearl’s Hill Care Home Folks

Always a delight chatting with our old folks at Pearl’s Hill! You’ll be surprised to hear about their favourite things to do in their younger years and the places they want to see again when able! Thank you very much for sharing with us your stories!


Auntie C does not watch the telly!  She considers her home her most memorable place!


Auntie M lost her parents at 4 and spent her entire childhood helping her grandmom make and sell kuew!  Very nice lady!


Auntie K adores Xiang Yun!


Sean Connery is Auntie K’s favourite actor!


Auntie E wants to visit Botanic Gardens!


Auntie H loves Hong Kong movies and shopping at malls in Orchard!


Uncle N likes Tamil films and said that they only paid a dollar fifty for s cinema ticket back then!


Uncle T’s favourite pastime is gambling with friends!


Uncle A wants to go to the zoo!


Uncle A’s favourite song is Bengawan Solo!  And when at home, he loves cooking nasi goreng!


Uncle C used to frequent the Majestic Theatre and remembers having to pay 50 cents only per show back then!

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors
.”  – Tia Walker

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