Pearl’s Hill Care Home Fit-out Session

Pearl’s Hill Care Home began its operations in January 2017 but as early as 2015 when the building and renovation works were nearing completion, they have been sourcing for volunteers to help out.  The very first volunteer work I did at the nursing home was in November 2015.

The fit-out session started with a quick briefing of the volunteers.  Pearl’s Hill Care Home is the very first government-run nursing home in Singapore.   Along with a few of my work colleagues, we pushed the hospitals beds, fixed the cushions, assembled the chairs, cleared the kitchen and the  laundry area, wiped the windows, swept the floors, etc.





I made arrangements with the organisers that Pres and I would gift all those who volunteered our LOVE makes life beautiful cotton bags and they loved it!



Our group photos!  Many thanks to all the volunteers!



All photos belong to the owner.  Thank you very much!


Nothing is too small to not have a meaning 🙂



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