Pearl’s Hill Care Home Outing (20 May 2017)

A Saturday morning well spent with some residents of Pearl’s Hill Care Home!  Thank you very much for letting us join this outing and have the opportunity to take our dear residents out to People’s Park Complex Food Centre in Chinatown for breakfast and some shopping at Sheng Siong!

Group photo of the Pearl’s Hill Care Home residents, staff, and volunteers, taken at People’s Park Complex Food Centre in Chinatown.

IMG_80980Auntie T and I both had porridge with century egg and we had kopi-o after.  She loves hot coffee!  She requested for a drinking straw, how clever!

IMG_80990Auntie E is unable to eat by herself so Pres helped feed her her yong tau foo.  Yum!  He got it from our favourite stall!

After their lunch, we brought Auntie E to Sheng Siong for some shopping!

Auntie T wanted some chocolates!  She is supposed to be on soft diet and nothing too sweet but today is her cheat day, she gets to have some chocolates!

With our dearest Auntie E and Auntie Tt after our breakfast at People’s Park Complex Food Centre in Chinatown.


Blessed are you when you enjoy the company of elderly people.  They are always ready to share their rich experience and wisdom with young people. ― Lailah Gifty Akita

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