Update 6: Bringing LOVE to Mr Tong and the Kids at the Orphanage (5-8 October 2016)

On our last day in Nha Trang, we had asked Mr Tong if we could attend a Sunday mass with the kids.  He said they typically go to the 4am mass and encouraged us to join them.  We could hardly sleep the night before – we kept watching the video clips they took of us dancing with the kids!  Such a fun thing to do at our age and we noticed the kids kept laughing at our weird dance moves!

We arrived early and it was still dark but the architectural beauty of the Nha Trang Stone Cathedral welcomed us.  We explored the church vicinity as church-goers arrived.  The ambience was  serene.





It was our wedding anniversary and Pres and I were very blessed to have My Tong, his family, the kids, and a few volunteers celebrate this special day with us!  Many thanks, everyone!


Right outside the Stone Cathedral, we saw these ladies in their colourful áo dài.  Thank you, ladies for posing with us in this photo – very nice!



Our group photos before we headed for breakfast!  After the Sunday mass, Mr Tong recommended that we take breakfast at a local noodle stall right across the Stone Cathedral.





Our little ladies are looking very pretty in their Sunday dresses!


We were sooo full (and sleepy!) – the best beef pho in Nha Trang!  We then returned to the orphanage after breakfast.  The kids had to come back for their tuition!


Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” ― Roy T. Bennett







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