Update 2: Bringing LOVE to Mr Tong and the Kids at the Orphanage (5-8 October 2016)

Our visit to Mr Tong’s orphanage could not have been possible without the strong support from our dear friends.  Pres and I have been truly blessed with remarkable friendships across the globe.  A million thanks to you all!

And if there is one thing Pres and I learned from all the charity events we have been organising, there are good souls out there willing to help; all it takes is a quick hello and you’d soon find yourselves trading stories and discovering that you share that same strong desire to reach out in ways you can.

We got to know Gee Isa-al through a friend’s introduction during a fund-raising event a few months back.  She handed me her card and intimated her interest in supporting our events through the proceeds from her book sales.  Delighted that Pres and I got invited to give a spiel about the charity events we do and the missions trips we have gone to on Gee’s book launch in August 2016.  A million thanks, Gee!


Gee introducing Pres and I to the attendees at her successful book launch


Ivy briefing on how our mantra “LOVE makes life beautiful!” and our design came about


Pres walking the listeners through our past and upcoming charity events


At Gee’s book signing

Helping others has always been in Gee’s vocabulary – her book titled Home At Last! How Migrant Workers Can Retire Rich And Worry Free!  aims to help Filipinos working abroad to manage their resources towards having an enjoyable retirement upon coming back home.


We’ve heard in the news thousands of stories about migrant workers who returned to the Philippines with empty pockets and this no longer comes as a shock to us, this day and age.  Gee shares in her book her personal experience as an overseas worker in Singapore and puts together insightful suggestions on how to achieve financial freedom.  Maraming maraming salamat, Gee for all your support!  Mabuhay ka!


Gee even joined Pres and I when we were packing the school kits for our kids the night before we left for Nha Trang.  We got done past midnight but no complaints from this kind soul.  Thank you, Gee ng maraming marami!  You are a dear friend.


Gift bags for our girls have school supplies and rag dolls inside – wonderful surprise for our young ladies!  The boys get toy cars along with their notebooks and crayons.


Tired but happy!  The school kits for our kids are ready!


When we LOVE, we always strive to become better than we are.  When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too! – Paulo Coelho