Social Mission Conference 2016 (Singapore)

Pres and I are truly lucky to have been invited to attend the Social Mission Conference 2016 on 13 August 2016 at the Catholic Junior College in Singapore!  This will be our second time to come to such a wonderful coming together of people from varied backgrounds but are in unison in their faith.

We hope to meet Cardinal Chito Tagle during this conference.  He is the current President of Caritas Internationalis and he is known for his deep involvement in projects for the poor.  Pres and I are huge fans – back home, we used to catch him in this 15-minute early morning show on TV called Kape and Pandasal!  Do they still air this show?  The best way to start your day!

Let me share with the you the brochure for the Social Mission Conference 2016.

SMC2016 (Page 1)

SMC2016 (Page 2)

Hope to see you all there!

Ang bigay na pag-ibig sa atin, walang ibang karapat-dapat na tugon at sukli kung hindi pag-ibig.” – Cardinal Chito Tagle

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