Part 13: Visit to Lang Hoa Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (October 2015)

With Vietnam’s pride – swimmer Loi Loi!  We are so very proud of you!  Loi grew up in the Peace Village as his family is unable to take care of his special needs.  Now an adult, he not only gives swimming lessons to the kids but takes them to and picks them up from school everyday.  God bless your kind heart, Loi Loi!


Came across this one article about Loi Loi:

Nói về số phận mình, anh Lợi tự tin khẳng định: “Cuộc đời không cho mình nhiều thứ, nhưng không lấy đi tất cả. Tôi rất có niềm tin, hy vọng vào cuộc sống và tương lai của mình. Do đó, tôi mong mọi người cũng hãy nghĩ như tôi.”

Talking about his fate, he confidently asserted Loi : “Life does not give her many things , but not take away everything. I really have faith , hope in life and his future . Therefore , I hope everyone can think like me. ”

I hope my poor translation does not fail me but in this interview he said that life may not have given him many things but it does not take away everything.  He keeps the faith, he has high hopes in life and in what lies ahead in the future.  He hopes that everyone can think like him.


When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”  ― Maya Angelou

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