Part 4: Visit to Lang Hoa Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (October 2015)

With the doctors and nurses and therapists and some kids at Lang Hoa Binh!  Wonderful people!  We share this love for taking lots and lots of photos!


With Ten, Ha, Sang, Thuy, Loc, Van, Dr Chung, Ly, Long, Son, Anh, Thanh, Hiep, and Dr Thuy

Then they showed us their kitchen – pristine!  Most of the children here in the Village have special diet due to their condition and here is where their food gets prepared.  For 3 days while at Lang Hoa Binh, Pres and I were able to feed a few kids who are unable to eat on their own.


This is Long and he was the first to ask us that we take our photos with him!  He is unable to walk on his own and he uses this monoblock chair so he could move around 🙂





Every man is a hero if he strives more for others than for himself alone.” ― Lloyd Alexander

Part 3: Visit to Lang Hoa Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (October 2015)

Lang Hoa Binh ( or Peace Village) is a part of Tu Du Obstetric and Gynaecological Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Founded in 1990, Lang Hoa Binh has been home to some hundreds of children suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, the deadly chemical sprayed by the Americans during the American-Vietnam war to defoliate the forest regions.  This dioxin has had catastrophic effects on the Vietnamese people, contaminating their land and waters and causing birth defects and medical problems for three generations of survivors to date.

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Children suffer from mental damage and physical disabilities, and in most cases, their parents are not in any position to care for them so they’d be left with no choice but to give them up and leave them at Lang Hoa Binh where they will be taken good care of.


Despite the children’s severe conditions, Lang Hoa Binh remains the happy place that it is and the children are well loved!


Day before Pres and I were scheduled to meet Dr Nguyen Dac Minh Chau, Director to the Peace Village and to see the kids, we swung by Tu Du Hospital – we were very excited to see the kids; could not wait til the next day hahaha!

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It is a charming quality of the happiness we inspire in others that, far from being diminished like a reflection, it comes back to us enhanced.”  ― Victor Hugo


Part 2: Visit to Lang Hoa Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (October 2015)

For our visit to the Peace Village, we prepared silkscreen printed bags and shirts for all the kids and we planned to get them some school supplies.  We are very fortunate to have Kuya Joel teach us how to do silkscreen printing on cotton bags and shirts!  Thank you so very much, Kuya Joel!


For our cotton bag and shirt design, the only name we had in mind was our dear dear friend Teacher caKe!  In a week’s time, this uber cute design landed on my email!  Thank you so very much, Heng and Kaye for this super cute design – such a gifted couple!

LOVE makes life beautiful

Sleepless months for Pres and I to get done with silkscreen printing of the cotton bags and shirts for our kids at Hoa Binh but it was all worth it the first day we got to see and hug the kids!



Even in the smallest of gestures, there’s huge magic! 🙂

The first thing we did when we reached Ho Chi Minh was to locate a bookstore where we can source for the school supplies for the kids.  Trung, our dearest friend from Hanoi, Vietnam helped us find Fahasa Bookstore!  Thank you very much!




We planned to bring the kids one huge cake and this Givral Cakeshop was where we got that huge and yummy 50×7 inch cake for the kids!  Will show you the cake in our next posts!



“The greatest conduct is love in action.” – Lailah Gifty Akita