Part 4: Visit to Lang Hoa Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (October 2015)

With the doctors and nurses and therapists and some kids at Lang Hoa Binh!  Wonderful people!  We share this love for taking lots and lots of photos!


With Ten, Ha, Sang, Thuy, Loc, Van, Dr Chung, Ly, Long, Son, Anh, Thanh, Hiep, and Dr Thuy

Then they showed us their kitchen – pristine!  Most of the children here in the Village have special diet due to their condition and here is where their food gets prepared.  For 3 days while at Lang Hoa Binh, Pres and I were able to feed a few kids who are unable to eat on their own.


This is Long and he was the first to ask us that we take our photos with him!  He is unable to walk on his own and he uses this monoblock chair so he could move around 🙂





Every man is a hero if he strives more for others than for himself alone.” ― Lloyd Alexander

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