Part 3: Visit to Lang Hoa Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (October 2015)

Lang Hoa Binh ( or Peace Village) is a part of Tu Du Obstetric and Gynaecological Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Founded in 1990, Lang Hoa Binh has been home to some hundreds of children suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, the deadly chemical sprayed by the Americans during the American-Vietnam war to defoliate the forest regions.  This dioxin has had catastrophic effects on the Vietnamese people, contaminating their land and waters and causing birth defects and medical problems for three generations of survivors to date.

12190990_1159029467459538_8641163659887191030_n (1)

Children suffer from mental damage and physical disabilities, and in most cases, their parents are not in any position to care for them so they’d be left with no choice but to give them up and leave them at Lang Hoa Binh where they will be taken good care of.


Despite the children’s severe conditions, Lang Hoa Binh remains the happy place that it is and the children are well loved!


Day before Pres and I were scheduled to meet Dr Nguyen Dac Minh Chau, Director to the Peace Village and to see the kids, we swung by Tu Du Hospital – we were very excited to see the kids; could not wait til the next day hahaha!

12047171_1159028810792937_7221587944128353258_n (1)


It is a charming quality of the happiness we inspire in others that, far from being diminished like a reflection, it comes back to us enhanced.”  ― Victor Hugo


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