Part 1: Visit to Lang Hoa Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (October 2015)

In 2014, we saw this one documentary about Agent Orange and we were deeply touched by the story and how courageous and giving everybody is at the Peace Village in taking good care of the children.  We wanted to extend help in ways we can, hoping to bring happiness and joy to the children under the Village’s care.

Vietnam My Orange Pain Documentary 17Sep2014

This is Nguyen Duc.   His story deeply touched our hearts.  Duc is the survivor of Vietnam’s first surgery to separate conjoined twins 27 years ago through the generosity of some Japanese benefactors.   Duc and his brother Viet were born conjoined due to Agent Orange poisoning. He now works at Lang Hoa Binh where he and his brother spent most their childhood years.

We are very fortunate to have finally met Duc in person – such a very gentle and sincere soul.  He is now married and is blessed with twins!  God bless his wonderful family!



12187644_1160057964023355_5339820984680439814_n  12190046_1160057910690027_3452514787202927914_n

Pres and I were showing Duc the Agent Orange documentary on RT where we learned about Lang Hoa Binh.


Allow not, the shallow intentions or vile aspirations of others to taint your heart; Love always. – With an abundance of positivity you will counter the negative, always.” ― Tiffany Luard

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