Part 2: Prep Works for our ACTS29 Family Day 2014

Here’s the Family Day invite we gave out to our guests.  Rica helped in disseminating to our scholars’ families.

Invite Front Invite Back

Thank you, Sherlyn K for sharing us this photo of our scholars for our invite!

With heartfelt gratitude to all our benefactors who donated and shared their blessings with us, Pres+Ivy prepared 38 school kits for our scholars.  Each school kit had 10 notebooks, 3 pencils, 3 ballpoint pens, and a small baby powder – would definitely come in handy considering the hot and humid weather in Manila, Philippines!

School Kit  38 School Kits

Our scholars would be so happy they could top up their school supplies middle of the school year.

Kudos to our ACTS29 Manila team for painstakingly ensuring our scholars are on top of their class by regular tutorial sessions.

Erap City Activity Centre
(Photo grabbed from acts29 site

Payatas Activity Centre
(Photo grabbed from acts29 site

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