Part 1: Prep Works for our ACTS29 Family Day 2014

The  best part about coming home to Manila, Philippines is reuniting with family and dear friends and building new connections.  This time that Pres+Ivy flew home for the ACTS29 Family Day, after that long wait and all the preparations, with the untiring support from our family and friends both in Singapore and in Manila, and to our surprise, even from friends of friends, we’ve never been to an event that brought smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes at the same time.  The happiness it gave us was just beyond words.

Days before the charity event, Pres+Ivy went to Rodriguez, Rizal to check the venue; same day we swung by the ACTS29 formation centre/guest house and brought along boxes of used clothes for adults and kids.  I had asked my mom for stuff at home we no longer use and gathered them in boxes so we could give them to those in need.

Just two weeks before the event, Rodriquez, Rizal got hit by some strong typhoon and some of our scholars’ families were staying in evacuation centres so it was very timely that we managed to sort some old clothes for donation.

Formation Home 1  Formation Home 2

Formation Home 4  w Rica

Photos with some of the ACTS29 scholars.  Fourth photo with Rica, our Manila coordinator.  She’s helped a lot in scouting for venues, getting our ACTS29 families together, arranging for jeepney transport of our scholars and their families – she’s one kind soul we’re lucky and blessed to have met.

Never worry about numbers.  Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” – Mother Teresa

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