ACTS29 Family Day 2014 is Just a Few Days Away!

 Payatas scavengers
Photo grabbed from dailymail UK site

There are families in the Philippines that earn their keep by collecting goods from garbage sites.  The largest open dumpsite in the Philippines to date is Payatas with over 2,000 scavengers living in this community.  With no decent homes and no access to clean air and safe drinking water, they face health problems, particularly tuberculosis (TB) and
it’s the children that suffer the most.

Payatas children suffer
Photo grabbed from cdn site

We are very blessed to have met ACTS29, a Singapore-based charity group that offers medical support (TB screening and medication) and educational projects (scholarship programme and formation homes) to help underprivileged children and their families from Payatas escape from their reliance on trash-picking as their livelihood.

Payatas Boy

Photo grabbed from Geography UK site

With constant tuition and monitoring, deserving children get sent to school through the generosity of our ACTS29 benefactors.

On 27 September 2014 (Saturday), we are having the ACTS29 Family Day 2014, a charity lunch event for our over 30 scholars and their families to offer them encouragement and each scholar will get their own school kit (bag plus school supplies they need) during the event.


SPONSOR A SCHOOL KIT for the September 27 ACTS29 Family Day 2014
Drop us a note here:

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for the September 27 ACTS29 Family Day 2014
Spend time with our scholars and their families
Drop us a note here:

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(primary, secondary, or college)
Get in touch with us here:;


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Payatas girl
Photo grabbed from cdn site

Please join us in bringing them hope and encouragement and in showering them with prayers. Let’s help them change their future into a much brighter one.  God bless your kind heart!

Extending one hand to help somebody has more value than joining two hands for prayer.”  – Unknown

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