Feeding the 5000 – Acts29 Retreat (8-10 August 2014)

Later after work, Pres+Ivy are heading to Jurong West to join Acts29 in their Feeding the 5000 Retreat to run from August 8-10.

Acts29 Feeding the 5000 Retreat Aug 8-10

Thank you, Sherlyn K for inviting us!  The Retreat will be at CHOICE Retreat House in Jurong West, Singapore.

Choice Retreat House Jurong

(Photo grabbed from CHOICE site at http://www.choice.org.sg)

Place looks nice and serene – that’s the best part!  We don’t get this everyday here in Singapore so this weekend will be a great time for Pres+Ivy to switch off.  I could not recall the last time I went to a retreat and this will be Pres’ first ever retreat (how come I didn’t know this?)!

Earlier today, our dear friend Manali K asked for our plans this weekend and I was practically at a loss for words to explain what a retreat is!  Manali K is from India and thankfully, she’s not entirely clueless.  I suppose Hindu would have their own spiritual retreats, too, which made me Google up what retreat is and I stumbled upon Yahoo Answers site and one was asking what a Catholic Retreat is.  One of the suggested answers went like this and I thought, is probably the best way to put it:  Retreat is a withdrawal from ordinary activities for a period of time to commune with God in prayer and reflection (Thank you, imacatholic2 for this!).

Pres+Ivy pray that this Retreat this weekend be fruitful for us both and for the rest of the participants.  Finding peace is when we’re happiest because when we’re peaceful, we feel closer to God. It’s like feeling an invisible warm embrace on a cold night!


Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real .” – Deepak Chopra



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