Update 4: Found the Venue for our Acts29 September Family Event! (2014)

Excited to hear back from Sherlyn K of Acts29 re the venue as proposed by our Acts29 Manila team.  I told Sherlyn K that I am very particular with the safety of our Acts29 Family coming from Payatas and Erap City so it would be nice if we can hold the event in some secure and safe place and all we need to do is have fun and enjoy sharing lunch with everybody during the event!  We will be renting jeepneys to take them to the venue so they won’t have to worry about their transport.

Our Acts29 Manila team suggested this Covered Court in Manila Hills Montalban, Rizal Philippines.

Manila Hills Covered Court 1 Manila Hills Covered Court 2 Manila Hills Covered Court 3 Manila Hills Covered Court 4

Looks really nice – much much better than what I’ve hoped for!  Thank you, Sherlyn K and Acts29 Manila team for all your help!

Another great news is Al S was able to ‘hunt down’ Barbie, our drummer!  So happy to be reconnecting with everybody again – 11 years of not hearing from you guys is such a loooooooong time!  I know everybody agrees with me!  Now we only need to track down our bassist Jonathan B.  We will find you hahaha!

I have asked Al S, Mark F, and Barbie to visit the place and check what band equipment will be needed for the event.  We’re this close to discussing what songs to play for our Acts29 Family, who are our special guests during the event and we’re thinking of inviting other friends who can jam with us!

Feels good to know that this event will not just bring joy to our dear Acts29 Family especially our scholars, but will make old friends reconnect after a long time of not hearing from each other!

It is my sincere hope and prayer that we be able to pull this off together.  Seeing smiles on our Acts29 Family’s faces even for just one day over a Jollibee lunch, making them feel how much they mean to us, will be more than enough!

There is nothing more important as to make people realise they are worthwhile in this world.”  – Bob Anderson



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