Update 3: Al S Swung by Singapore: 1/5 of My Prayer Just Got Answered! (2014)

Who would have thought – same week I talked about hunting down my old bandmates, Al S flew to Singapore on a business trip!  On short notice, we had dinner and did that long-overdue catching up!

Didn’t let pass the opportunity to talk to him about the September charity event Pres+Ivy have been planning and that we really need all the help from our friends to pull this off and he said YES!  Thank you, Al S!  You have no idea how happy this made me and Pres! Woot Woot!

Al 1

Al S with Pres+Ivy at the Fullerton Hotel – looking good, Al S!  Hulog ka ng langit, Al S!

Al S even volunteered to be the Manila coordinator for our September charity event to help with the leg work and in getting in touch with our friends back home, and most importantly, the rest of our bandmates!  Yey!  Half our worries are solved already!

Paying it forward is such a kind gesture, but it’s much sweeter when you’re doing it with friends who share and support your cause.  Al S and I consider ourselves very blessed and he’s with me in saying it’s high time we share our blessings in ways we can.  Al S is one tough lawyer (we’ve heard of stories and I knew since day one in law school you’d make one one day!) but he has this soft spot in his heart for the less fortunate.

We can do this, Al S!  Very happy we’re in this together and for the nth time, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I know you’re busy with work and weekends are reserved for the family – thank you for squeezing this in.

How time flies – it’s been 11 long years since we last saw each other – sweet reunion in Singapore indeed!  Am hoping this September charity event will strengthen the bond we have!  True friends are family you get to choose.  We’re truly lucky to have you in our lives.

Oh and BTW Al S, we meant to tell you, we’ve been sneaking around and Pres+Ivy love how much you adore your Mom!  Stay the son the rest of the mothers in the world pray to have!


If you have much, give your wealth; if you have little, give your heart.”  – Arabic Proverb




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