Update 2: Band to Perform for the September Charity Event with our Acts29 Family (2014)

Now that we’ve settled we are doing lunch with our Acts29 Family for our September charity event in Erap City Montalban Rizal, Philippines, who’s going to do the entertaining?  It got me thinking it would be nice if I can reconnect with my old bandmates back in Manila – we have not gotten together in a long time, over 10 years!

We formed ourselves some rock band in law school for bar exams-related events like the after-bar parties in school.  Here’s an old photo of us!  I don’t even remember how we called ourselves  but one law school professor gave us some name, I’d rather keep to myself hahaha!

band photo

L-R: Seated bottom -Frederick Barbadilio, Jonathan Berramo, and Mark Fabay.  On top, Al Soriano, Ivy, and Garry Villanueva.

We’ve lost contact with each other already after getting out of law school; but will try and see if I can tap a few friends back home and I hope they can all join us in September and we can do one or two numbers for our Acts29 Family over our lunch event.

It seems only natural for people to use their love of music to do a little good, right?  Let’s see what we can come up with.  If you have the will to make something good happen, it will happen!


It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa


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