Charity Hair Cutting at IMH (2014)

Pres+Ivy are not from the medical field so the mere thought that the very basic hair cutting skills we have could be put to good use for the patients in the Institute for Mental Health (IMH) left us feeling very thankful!  We were encouraged by our former hair cutting instructor Irene K to participate.

First time we did charity hair cutting at IMH was sometime October 2013.  We both were panting as this was our first time to actually meet the patients in person.  Got to IMH very early as we did not want to miss the briefing.  The person in charge was very specific about how we were to deal with the patients especially in the event something untoward happens. No taking of photos, we were to don our aprons and wear face masks inside the wards at all times, and most importantly, keep our scissors and clippers out of reach of the patients.  It’s 10 hair cutters per ward of 50-55 patients so it was pretty manageable – so we thought!

We were both very nervous – we didn’t want to clip off any patient’s earlobe of course, so we were extra careful – thank God the event was a success!  IMH would prepare some dry noodles and nasi lemak for lunch for the volunteers.

Our last visit was in March 2014 and we hope to do this regularly.  It’s a challenge now that Pres needs to work on weekends but we’ll find ways.  Priceless seeing the patients’ faces light up whenever they would see people visit their wards!




IMH is located in Buangkok Green Medical Park.  They have a couple of activities where you can participate.   Visit their website and check out their Volunteer page here:


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” – Khalil Gibran