CARITAS Social Mission Conference (2014)

Pres+Ivy have been invited by Theresa G of M3 to attend the Social Mission Conference (SMC) on 23 August 2014.  Pres has to work in the morning so he’ll just catch up once he gets done.

The SMC is a flagship event of CARITAS Singapore held once every two years.  The very first one was in 2008.  Its focus is on raising awareness on the poverty situation in Singapore. (source:

This year’s SMC seeks to deepen our understanding of the social realities of the poor and how we can take part in the Church’s social mission to break the poor free from poverty entanglement.  This is in line with Pope Francis’ emphasis on the poor having much to teach us and that we are called in our faith to be friends with them, to listen to them, and to find Christ in them.


(Photo grabbed from CARITAS Singapore site

Here’s the Registration Form


Here’s the SMC 2014 Programme


Come join and be inspired.  If you’re interested, you may write to the SMC 2014 Secretariat at this address: Caritas Singapore, 55 Waterloo Street, Catholic Centre, #08-01, Singapore 187954.


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