Meeting Acts29 Team (2014)

Sherlyn K of Acts29 was very nice to have invited us to join their meeting in April 2014.  Pres and I came from a soccer game in the morning then we had to swing by the Nativity Church for some fund raising event hosted by M3.

We reached the Acts29 meeting venue at around 4ish but were very glad to still see everybody there all smiling!  They started off with flashing us some slides to introduce Acts29 to us and to let us in on their activities and projects.  Internet connectivity in Manila was just really bad that day, we would have gotten to talk to the kids via Skype.

They presented us with their ongoing and upcoming projects for the Payatas and Erap City families.  Currently, they have a formation home and activity centre in Erap City and in Payatas – these pretty much keep the kids off the streets (not an easy task to do!), helping them focus more on their studies with regular tutorials and constant monitoring of their school homework and grades.

At the moment they have scholars in primary, secondary, and college. Education is the best tool to break the cycle of poverty in the lives of these children born of families who work as scavengers just to put food on the table.

Let’s help these children change their future path into a much brighter one.  If anyone’s interested, you may email Acts29 at

Acts29 banner photo
(Photo grabbed from Acts29 site


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