Hair Cutting Classes (2013)

Magdalene Myanmar Mission (M3) in 2011 started supporting the Canossian sisters in their mission to elevate the level of education of less fortunate children in orphanages in the poor villages of Myanmar.  They have been running some programmes with focus on training educators and part of their projects is the rebuilding and upkeeping of the orphanages these children consider their home.

In preparation for the M3 December mission trip in 2013, we started looking around for schools and in June 2013, we joined Basic Hair Cutting classes conducted by Irene K.  This pretty much took most our Saturdays but it was so much fun!  Our dear friend Jerome S from Manila, PH even helped us with our clippers – thank you very much, Jerome S for your help!  We owe you!

Hair cutting collage 1

Hair cutting collage 2
(Pres+Ivy during class, Laoshi Irene K doing a demo on how to use a clipper)

Third week December 2013, we were supposed to join the M3 mission trip but things didn’t quite turn out as planned so in November 2013, one month earlier, Pres and I decided to fly to Myanmar on our own to visit an orphanage in Southern Shan State, with the hope to give the children nice hair cuts (with a few bags of chocolates and boxes of school supplies!).  Sweet Kyay Zuu Bare (sounds like Je-Zu-Be; means ‘Thank You’ in Burmese) with big smiles and tight hugs from the kids for such a small gesture, definitely did our hearts good!

How it all went is in a separate entry titled “Visit to a Karen Orphanage in Myanmar (2013)”.


Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help.”  – Pablo