Charity Hair Cutting at IMH (2014)

Pres+Ivy are not from the medical field so the mere thought that the very basic hair cutting skills we have could be put to good use for the patients in the Institute for Mental Health (IMH) left us feeling very thankful!  We were encouraged by our former hair cutting instructor Irene K to participate.

First time we did charity hair cutting at IMH was sometime October 2013.  We both were panting as this was our first time to actually meet the patients in person.  Got to IMH very early as we did not want to miss the briefing.  The person in charge was very specific about how we were to deal with the patients especially in the event something untoward happens. No taking of photos, we were to don our aprons and wear face masks inside the wards at all times, and most importantly, keep our scissors and clippers out of reach of the patients.  It’s 10 hair cutters per ward of 50-55 patients so it was pretty manageable – so we thought!

We were both very nervous – we didn’t want to clip off any patient’s earlobe of course, so we were extra careful – thank God the event was a success!  IMH would prepare some dry noodles and nasi lemak for lunch for the volunteers.

Our last visit was in March 2014 and we hope to do this regularly.  It’s a challenge now that Pres needs to work on weekends but we’ll find ways.  Priceless seeing the patients’ faces light up whenever they would see people visit their wards!




IMH is located in Buangkok Green Medical Park.  They have a couple of activities where you can participate.   Visit their website and check out their Volunteer page here:


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” – Khalil Gibran



CARITAS Social Mission Conference (2014)

Pres+Ivy have been invited by Theresa G of M3 to attend the Social Mission Conference (SMC) on 23 August 2014.  Pres has to work in the morning so he’ll just catch up once he gets done.

The SMC is a flagship event of CARITAS Singapore held once every two years.  The very first one was in 2008.  Its focus is on raising awareness on the poverty situation in Singapore. (source:

This year’s SMC seeks to deepen our understanding of the social realities of the poor and how we can take part in the Church’s social mission to break the poor free from poverty entanglement.  This is in line with Pope Francis’ emphasis on the poor having much to teach us and that we are called in our faith to be friends with them, to listen to them, and to find Christ in them.


(Photo grabbed from CARITAS Singapore site

Here’s the Registration Form


Here’s the SMC 2014 Programme


Come join and be inspired.  If you’re interested, you may write to the SMC 2014 Secretariat at this address: Caritas Singapore, 55 Waterloo Street, Catholic Centre, #08-01, Singapore 187954.


I expect to pass through life but once.  If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, let me do it now.” – William Penn



Plan to Visit Children from Payatas Dumpsite in September (2014)

In a previous entry, we mentioned that Acts29 has been sending children belonging to families working in Payatas dumpsite to school.

Payatas is a 50 acre landfill and is the largest open dumpsite in the Philippines.  Every day almost 500 trucks loaded with bags of waste grind up the track to the Payatas landfill site.  In 2000, a mountain of waste collapsed, killing some 300 people. The dump was closed, but local authorities soon had to reopen it, for lack of any other location to dispose of tonnes of household waste produced daily by the 2.9 million residents of Quezon City.  (source:

Payatas dumpsite

(Photo grabbed from David Paul Morris site

Pres and I wanted to ask Sherlyn K of Acts29 if we could spend one day with the children in Payatas so we wrote her a note on 14 May 2014.  My mom has been doing some spring cleaning and we may have boxes of used clothes for children aged 4-16 and adults aged 20s to 60s – mostly stuff we no longer use.

We got excited when she got back to us the next day saying she thought it was a wonderful plan and that she’d be delighted to help us arrange for this!  Thanks so much, Sherlyn K!

She informed us that Acts29 has a policy for accepting old clothes and toys as donations.  Other than school supplies, Acts29 does not just give out used stuff to the families.   Whenever they’d receive used clothes or toys as donations, Acts29 would organise a simple jumble sale for the families and Acts29 collects a very minimal amount.

The proceeds collected will then go to the Acts29 activities and pay for utilities.  They believe that this way, the parents keep some sense of dignity – they can say they have bought with their own money the clothes and toys for their children and that they have made a contribution to Acts29 activities.

Since the scholars would need school supplies, I have asked Sherlyn K if it would be possible that she furnish us a list of names of the scholars and the things they need for school.  She has arranged that their staff in Manila PH coordinate with us on this list that we need and we can plan the September charity event.

Pres and I don’t have much, but whatever we have, we wish to share with these children.


“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” – Mahatma Gandhi